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About The Athlete Book's Online Hiring Events

Chat-based events remove the geographic barrier between busy college athletes and campus recruiters. 

The Athlete Book is constantly sourcing employers that want to hire athletes.

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Amazon, Under Armour, Yelp

We promote on your behalf

Maintaining relationships with our 13,000 college coaches is our secret to getting you the right candidates at scale.

The 3,200-Life Skills Athletic Administrators do a great job spreading the message to the 420,000-plus college athletes nation wide.

Zero travel so you can focus on other priorities

13 campus recruiters attended the Women in college sports Online Hiring event.
414 female athletes registered from 122 universities.

Recruiters spent one hour at their desk chatting.

The Athlete Book sent  follow-up emails and SMS messages to drive athletes towards your company positions.

Detailed data reports, so you spend less time in Excel

Reports show all applicant data, including cultural data and your recruiter's candidate ratings..

Virtual Booth - Use exsisting employer branded images, videos, and content

Athletes can view your booth before and long after your event is over.  Once the booth is built we clone it for future events.


$ 4,200 per/quarter

  • 3 Online Hiring Events 
  • One Employer-Brand piece of content delivered to audience and linked to employer application
  • Employer Page on The Athlete Book
  • 8 hours of Consulting & Support
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$ 6,000 per/quarter

  • 7 Online Hiring Events 
  • Three Employer-Branded pieces of content delivered to audience and linked to employer application
  • Employer Page on The Athlete Book
  • Automated Recruiting Bot
  • 15 hours of Consulting & Support
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Employer Pages on The Athlete Book

Athletes come to the site at all hours of the day
Automate the education, filtering, and application process, so you can be more efficient

List Job openings and Employer content

Your home for athletes to dig deep on your company, register for virtual events and apply to your jobs

Auto-recruiting bot 

Candidates typically have the same questions and you typically give the same answers.  Now we can automate the conversation and direct candidates to the right source.  The auto-recruiting bot does better work at scale and never sleeps.

Your Subscription Awaits 

Core events are marketed to college athletes, athletic administrators and coaches nationwide.  Solo company open house events can be promoted nationally or by key schools, locations, and demographic preferences.

Online Hiring Events

Booth  @ The Athlete Book's Online Hiring Events
Your Company's Virtual  Open House Event
Women In College Sports 
Diversity in College Sports
Athletes Interested in Operations
Athletes interested in Finance
Athletes interested in Consulting
 Sales For Seniors

Employer Branding and Marketing

Your Company Landing Pages on The Athlete Book allow athletes to apply for open position and explore your company brand

Custom Chatbot Recruiting is your 24/7 auto recruiter, answering common questions, filtering talent and driving traffic to your applications.

Intelligent marketing campaigns with the ability to reach 13,000 college coaches, 420,000-college athletes, and 3,200-Life Skills Athletic Administrators 

Athlete SMS engagement to drive candidate interest, event participants, and applications

Content Creation

Employer Page on The Athlete Book
   Recorded Information Interview
   Video-Based Sell Video
   Virtual Booth Creation
   Virtual Event Creation